Work-related Road Safety

Recognising a significant gap in statutory sector support for employers and employees regarding driving at work, we sought to address this very important issue.

We received funding to organise a workshop for the Health and Safety Executive for Northern Ireland (HSENI) and District Councils.  The workshop focused on the need for action within this health and safety inspectorate to encourage employers to manage occupational road risk.  Around one third of road collisions in Northern Ireland involve someone who is at work and this is a priority issue that needs to be addressed.

We also organised a series of seminars for employers and their fleet managers to highlight what needs to be done to improve driver safety at work.  Our evaluation indicated a high level of receptiveness to the information and a commitment to reducing occupational road risk.

Thanks to our intervention, the HSENI and DoE Road Safety Division have produced a joint publication for employers entitled “Driving at Work Northern Ireland – An Employers Guide”.

There were 9,737 casualties on NI roads last year...

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